OHS Performance Monitoring

Elmeri Method

The ELMERI+is a simple and cost-effective OHS performance monitoring method for the manufacturing industry. It covers worker safety behaviour, the most important accident hazards, musculoskeletal strain factors, and exposures to chemical and physical hazards. The Elmeri+ method has proved to be a valid predictor of accident risk. For instance in metal product manufacturing industries low Elmeri index companies had an accident rate some three times higher than high index companies.

The Elmeri+ is used by both safety inspectors and workplaces. Industry-wide safety campaigns are based on this monitoring tool. For instance, in the metal and electronics industry the safety index increased from 68% to 84 %, and the lost hours due to accidents decreased from 11 to 7 hours per worker during the four year campaign.

Today, the Elmeri+ method is used by hundreds of leading manufacturing companies.  It can be used in many different ways; by OHS company personnel, supervisors and workers, and managers. It is also used in behavioural safety programmes, which are based on the reinforcement of safe behaviour through positive feedback. A common feature is to use the Elmeri+ method for goal setting and a real-time indication of OHS performance.

The Elmeri+ method fills the gap between management activities and accident-based indicators in OHS management systems.


an OHS performance monitoring tool for the manufacturing industry


an OHS Monitoring tool for the construction industry