OHS Management

3T services for OHS Management development are the following:

  • 3T Expert Licence
    • 3T OHS Management Guide
    • 3T Risk Assessment Manuals
    • Elmeri Monitoring Manual
    • TR Monitoring Manual
    • 3T Online OHS  training modules
  • 3T Culture Survey, Web-based Service
  • HSEQ Monitor, Web-based Service
  • 3T Expert Training, blended learning course

The 3T Occupational Health and Safety Management System (3T OSH MS) is intended for organisations who want to develop and maintain a learning and resilient OHS culture in order to increase their competitiveness.

A learning OHS culture means the ability to identify weak signals of possible health and safety problems and the ability to learn from these signals in order to avoid occupational accidents and work-related diseases and to minimise their consequences. It also means the ability to maintain and develop the health, wellbeing, motivation, innovativeness and commitment of employees. These are all crucial factors which make up an excellent place to work.

The following features are typical for an organisation with a learning OHS culture:

  • The main OHS activities are carried out by the line organisation, and the OHS organisation has a consultative role
  • OHS activities are effectively woven into all employees' everyday roles
  • Risk assessments (RA)  are carried out on three levels: strategic RA, workplace RA and everyday safety check
  • Proactive result indicators like workplace observation tools and employee surveys are in use
  • Incident reporting rate is high but accident rate and sick leave rate low
  • Workers are well trained to take care of  health and safety at work

The 3T OHS Management System is compatible with the OHSAS 18001:2007 standard. Its special features are as follows:

  • it also covers health aspects of work, which are becoming more and more important in learning organisations
  • it is based on multi-process management (see ISO 9001 standard); the system is divided into seven main OHS activities, which makes the model transparent and easy to understand and manage
  • it is flexible; plan-do-check-act improvement methodology can be used to improve each single process  separately based on the needs and opportunities of the company.
  • it includes valid performance monitoring tools for result management, which is an effective management approach in learning organisations
  • it includes cost effective tools for workplace risk assessment
  • it includes modern tools for evaluation of the OHS culture and management system
  • it uses modern information technology in OHS awareness raising training