OHS Performance Monitoring

Research-based observation and questionnaire tools

We are pioneers in developing proactive Occupational Health and Safety Monitoring tools. The Elmeri+ and TR methods have already made their impact on safety in the leading manufacturing and construction companies since their invention in the 1990s.  Now we have also introduced an advanced OHS Culture survey.

Company managers need reliable real-time indicators at the department and foreman level in order to determine accountability. Safety management standards, like OHSAS 18001:2007 and BS 18004:2008 call for leading OHS indicators.

There are two kinds of leading indicators: activity indicators indicate what is being done in the organisation. Examples include the number of safety audits conducted, the number of risk assessments completed, and the number of workers trained. They are necessary, but they provide no information about the results of these activities.

There has been a lack of proactive outcome indicators that tell us what the results of safety activities are. Our tools fill this gap. They are real-time outcome monitoring methods and help our customers to improve the effectiveness of OHS activities.

Our Services in OHS Monitoring are the following:

  •  3T Expert Licence
    • Elmeri Monitoring Manual
    • TR Monitoring Manual
  • 3T Culture Survey, Web-based Service
  • HSEQ Monitor, Web-based Service
  • 3T Expert Training, blended learning course


an OHS performance monitoring tool for the manufacturing industry